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Florida Property Insurance - Fraud, Rates and Risk

Florida has some of the highest property insurance rates in the country. Your first thought may be to blame the insurance company. But two factors significantly impact Florida property insurance rates - risk and fraud. Click here to watch our new video, which explains why your property insurance rates are what they are in Florida. Continue reading below to learn how you can protect yourself from insurance fraud and help reduce rates for everyone! 


Tips and Tricks to Prevent Insurance Fraud

You just had damage to your home because of a hurricane or a burst pipe that flooded part of your house.  Your number one goal is to get everything repaired quickly.  Sadly, sometimes the repairmen has other plans in mind.  Here are some tips to protect yourself from being “hoodwinked” after a disaster.

1.       Always contact your insurance company and notify them of the damage.  This ensures that the damage is covered under your insurance policy and allows the insurance company to adjust the claim.

2.       Use a licensed and insured Florida contractor.

3.       Be cautious of companies that are going door to door after a storm to “inspect” for damage.

4.       Pay attention to what forms you are asked to sign.  An “assignment of benefits” form is not just allowing the contractor to be paid, but is signing the rights of your policy over to the contractor, remediater or repairman. 

5.       Never accept offers such as a television or a waived deductible for repairs.

6.       Get a list of all repairs and expected costs in writing, including when the repair will be done.

7.       If not an emergency repair, get multiple estimates.

8.       Do not allow a contractor to overbill your insurance company or bill your insurance company for repairs that were not made.

9.       If you decide to use a public adjuster, keep in mind that they are paid on a contingency fee basis by you, and not the insurance company.

10.   Report suspected fraud to the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud at 1-800-378-0445

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